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Welcome to Pixeltech Design

Our specialty is Web Development - from superbly presented, well structured Web Pages to fully interactive on-line applications such as navigation tools and graphical databases. Our expertise extends beyond the Web - we provide a complete solution.

We invite you to come and see for yourself the quality and standard of our work. We offer sound advice on making the Web work for you, and strive towards the most intelligent and professional approach in the industry.

The Web is all about communicating information. Just imagine what you can achieve with this fascinating medium...

E-mail us: pixeltech@pixeltech.com.au

TIP #001: Have you been notified that your website has been updated but you can't see the changes?

Try holding down the shift key and click Refresh / Reload in the browser window. This will force the browser to reload the latest version of your web page from the server.

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